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Adwera is a luxurious natural skincare brand that has carefully designs its products to suit your skin type. Adwera is a Ghanaian symbol which means pure and reflects all of our products from the ingredient choices, such as our Shea butter directly from Ghana to our 100% natural essential oils for the best products, to reflect the customer who understands the importance of quality and has a fine eye for luxury.

Founded by Loretta Quartey-Davidson with the knowledge of skincare irritations and how they affect confidence due to her own experiences, created Adwera which aims to nourish and effectively improve the appearance and feel of all skin types.


Adwera currently provides bath salts and a luxury body butter suitable for all. The varied ingredient choices have been considered to maintain the skin effectively. 

With more high quality products to come, Adwera aims to keep products effective as well as natural of course.

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